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Five strangers enter a bus terminal. All they want to do is get on board their buses and reach their destinations, and want nothing to do with each other. Different backgrounds, different lifestyles, each is of their own and none are the same. That's when the fog rolls in. A thick, dense cloud that envelops the station, creating a macabre scene for any that try to look beyond it through the glass doors and windows. Then the phones go down. The computers follow. With no way to communicate with the outside world, and no chance of escape unless certain death seems more welcoming, the group must hope they can wait out whatever this fog is.

Beyond the fog though, lies something purely evil. Something more sinister than any of them could imagine. It wants to play a game with them, one that could mean their lives. An entity that turns the already small terminal into a claustrophobic nightmare for those within. Their only chance of escape is to remain alive, but at what cost.

In this new horror-thriller from Michaelbrent Collings, he brings the reader close in and doesn't want them to leave. The characters are unique and the fast-paced writing really paints a picture about who they are and what they are going through, this their worst of all imaginations. Combined with a very interesting ending to the novel, I'd give this a A and would like to thank Michaelbrent for an advanced copy to read and review.

Review by Kyle Lybeck



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