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Five strangers find themselves waking up in a room together, none knowing why they themselves were there, or who the others around them are. The only thing they do know, is that devices are locked around their wrists and necks. From the wrist device, they quickly hear a voice, see an image. They listen closely, as it begins to tell them instructions for what they are about to endure. Tasks they must complete, rules they must follow, each bringing with it an intensity that could mean the end of any single one of them, or all of them together. Not knowing if they will ever be able to escape, their only choice is to follow along on the scavenger hunt, and hope the next task they complete could mean their freedom.

I have reviewed many books for Michaelbrent Collings in the past, and each time a new one reaches my inbox I still get excited. The ideas, intensity, and characters that he draws up time and time again are ones I enjoy reading about, and get involved with throughout my reading journey. This time was much like the others, a very enjoyable read, with twists and turns that keep you guessing right up towards the end. What I enjoyed too about this one, was the technology that he brought into play, which was both intriguing and frightening. I won't spoil it for you, but regardless to say I've done research on it for my own writing and it's very real and scary. Overall I would give this one a B+, and like to thank Michaelbrent for sending me an ARC to review.

Written by Kyle Lybeck



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