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It all started at the Black Mountain Camp for Boys. A summer camp to learn about the wilderness, learn about themselves, escape from their parents, and be anything but civil. A select group of the boys holds strong together, until they discover a secret for one of them that rips the group apart. A secret one boy never wanted the world to know. A secret that in the summer of 1989, may very well destroy many lives, beyond the boy.

In this novella from James Newman, hangs a vivid and gut-wrenching tale of the youth of men, and the secrets that can destroy the very fabric of a life. It is something that even still to this day, could bring about what James portrays in this work, and that's not only sickening but scary. James writes this story in a way that drags you in, hits you hard, makes you question how you would handle a situation like this, and spits you out the other end tired and sweating. What I love about James' writing is that he brings out true, raw emotion, and from the books I've read of his, makes you feel for some of the characters, and outright hate others to their core. This novella is extremely well done, I give it an A+, and put it right up there with my other favorite of James', Animosity.

Written by Kyle Lybeck

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