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In the murky rivers of Uncertain, Texas, a mystery lies deep. It's not the alligators or the fish, something much more sinister. When the daughter Grady thought had abandoned him comes back to see him one last time, he knows the mystery will only grow cloudier. In the wake of his dying daughter, he is left with a new life, a crying life, a life that doesn't know about these atrocities beneath the water just yet, but soon will. The small eyes of his grandson looking back at him, Grady sees only one path forward for himself, for his remaining family.

Surrounding the newborn child is an air of strange revelations, all brought forth to Grady like a steamroller over hot asphalt. He soon realizes that his grandson is not exactly what he appears to be, while others have already known this and are already attempting something diabolical to bring forth a new light, a new beginning, a new hope.

Wile puts together a page-turning story of intrigue, alligator wrangling, death and deception, and deep forces that will keep you going until the last page. I very much enjoyed this novel and am giving it an A.

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Written by Kyle Lybeck

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