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Jeffy Coltrane and his daughter, Amity, have been adrift in their lives for the last seven years. That's when their wife and mother, Michelle, left them. They have made the best of the situation, but since have never truly felt whole. When a local man by the name of "Spooky" Ed befriends them, they begin to wonder what could be his ulterior motive. He tells them a tale and gives them a gift, the key to everything. He warns them not to open the box as it could bring about dire consequences. In his final words to them before he then too disappears, he warns them if he's not back within a year, to encase the object in concrete and get rid of it for good.

When a secret organization comes knocking in search of what 76-billion-dollar object Ed has gifted away, Jeffy makes the decision to open the box and reveal what is inside. Quickly he and Amity find out the true power of what they hold, before they can be captured. What they find on the other side is not like their own world, similar in some aspects, but not the same. Ahead of them is a journey into worlds unknown, people they would have never met otherwise become confidants, and a possibility of having a whole family again looms large.

In this latest novel from Dean, the very interesting concept of parallel worlds takes a front seat and holds on for dear life. Not a new, mind-bending idea, but one that he creates so simplistically it is almost commonplace for some of the characters that hold its power. I found it to be a decent read, a steady read. Not amazing, not bad, just an interesting read that keeps you going to the end. I will say, Dean is still my favorite author, I've been reading him for almost 25 years. Years and many novels ago, reading one of his books would have been like having a warm blanket, with a hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps, and a golden retriever at my side. Now, it just feels like a warm blanket. Overall, I'd give this a C+.

Available wherever books are sold (c'mon, it's Dean Koontz).

Written by Kyle Lybeck

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