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Beauregard Montage (better known to his friends and family as Bug) is a man trying to live an honest life. His checkered past mostly forgotten, he now owns an auto repair shop, trying to make ends meet and also support his family the way he had always hoped. A dollar earned the right way, the hopeful way. When another shop moves into town and begins to steal his clients in an attempt to push him out, Bug is forced to the brink of losing what he has spent time, money, blood, and tears creating. He doesn't know how he's going to make it, until an old ghost comes back into his life, offering him a deal of a lifetime, a deal with the devil. Bug must choose to regain part of the life he left behind in order to save his business and family, or gamble in losing it all to keep his morals.

Fast cars and an even faster pace to the writing keeps this wonderful and heartbreaking novel going to the very last page. A truly gritty, at times violent, endearing and thrilling story of a man who wants nothing but great things for his family, but must go back on all that he holds dear to make it happen. To be honest, I typically stay away from hugely hyped novels and movies. Why? Because 98 times out of 100 I'm disappointed and let down. I don't either get the hype or what the author/director is going for that everyone is raving about. This novel though, was in that rare 2 of 100 that I took the plunge on and came out the other side very glad I did. The pages flew by for me and I devoured this book in two days, which is a rare feat for me anymore. Overall this deserves an A+, and I encourage others to check it out.

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Written by Kyle Lybeck

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