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A man by the name of Book has a checkered past, one that he's trying to leave behind. But one can only run for so long, before others take notice, and eventually find you. Kane is that man, an assassin who is hellbent on creating a new world in his own reflection of what he wants it to be. Kane has an apparatus in his arsenal though. One that allows him to be almost anyone at any time in order to get what he wants, and what Kane wants is nothing but death and destruction to obtain his desires; Book out of his way, and for his plan to move forward. Book, together with a group of like-minded individuals, now have a lifes mission to end Kane no matter what it costs them.

In this new thriller from Michaelbrent, a cast of characters clash to bring a sci-fi-esque, mind melting adventure to the reader. Having read many of his novels in the past, it's always hard comparing new works to those before in my mind. This one in some ways fell a little short for me. At times the character development and plot were hard to follow, making all of what was going on a little tough. Not a bad book, but also not as in-depth and smooth flowing as others of his I've read in the past. Overall I would give this one a B-, and thank Michaelbrent for the option to read this right before/at the release.

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Written by Kyle Lybeck

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