This isn't the most loved sequel out there. The kill count is low and the deaths aren't as inventive. Compared to Wes Craven's original film it's pretty low key.That being said, Part 2 has its merits.

First thing's first, the plot takes a different direction than you would expect from a slasher sequel. Slasher movies all follow the same pattern: guy in mask stalks and kills people. Wes Craven brought this type of film to a new level by creating a character who stalks and kills people in their dreams. In Part 2, Freddy wants to live again, so he spends the movie possessing a specific character, Jesse Walsh, and changing the youth against his will. This isn't merely a repeat.

This movie also dealt with more than supernatural evil but with the evil inside ourselves. We can see Jesse practically sweating terror about what Freddy is turning him into. I'm not sure how common this fear is but I have experienced the fear that I wasn't in control of my own actions and I would end up causing harm by no will of my own. The short answer to why I had such irrational fears is that I have OCD and it dominated my life for several years. I obsessed over things I didn't want to do and because I kept thinking of them I tricked myself into thinking those were things that I wanted. This is why seeing Jesse become a killer against his will hits home for me. The fear of doing something wrong against your own will resonates especially in the scene where Jesse is wearing Freddy's glove, and under Freddy's influence he wakes his little sister in the middle of the night. Thankfully, for her sake, he comes to his senses and she wasn't any the wiser of what Jesse was going through.

Jesse has to go through hell to free himself of Freddy. This leads to another thought. Jesse is saved because his girlfriend loves him and she sees his inherent goodness. Having people who loved and believed in me was a pivotal factor in my being able to attain a sense of peace with my life and getting my OCD under control.

Is Part 2 a masterpiece? No. It's not as game-changing as the first but look at a few other things. It avoids the camp that crept into the series starting in Part 3 (Part 3 was still good but it was also the last solid sequel in the franchise). By Part 6, Freddy was practically winking at the viewers. In Freddy Vs Jason, he actually fucking winked at the viewers. Instead, Part 2 is serious as a heart attack, going for a slow burn that was insidious in it's own right but also psychological. It also helped that the original poster is awesome and nails the concept of the film.

Written by Nicholas Montelongo

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