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Every time I review a new Hendrix novel, I want to start it with: "He's done it again."


He's done it again.

Not my fault. He really HAS done it again. I've read all of his books, and I can say that The Final Girl Support Group is one of his best (I still think his #1 is My Best Friend's Exorcism).

Without giving any spoilers, I can tell you Hendrix has accomplished the following with his latest:

1: Written a great slasher novel
2: Flexed his obvious love and knowledge slasher films
3: Has put tons of heart into this story

Let's analyze these shall we?

1: He has written a great slasher novel.

Like the film Scream, The Final Girl Support Group manages to be both a deconstruction of slasher films AND an excellent slasher on its own. I'd even go as far as to say that even if you remove all of the slasher elements, what you'd have left would still be a high-quality mystery.

2: Flexed his love and knowledge of slasher films.

If you like slasher film easter eggs in your horror stories, this is your book. Grady definitely did his research.

3: Has put tons of heart into this story.

If you've read Hendrix before, you know that this is a staple of his work. Sure, Hendrix writes great scary sequences. Yes, Grady is wonderful at writing quirky and nostalgic characters and scenes. But if you ask me what sets him apart, THIS IS IT.

I can't wait to see what he does next.

Grade: A

Review by Jason Cavallaro
Twitter: @pinheadspawn

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