Cavallaro's Cavalcade of Carnage
A record-setting month: 19 books read!

Let's begin:


Once and Future, Volume One by Kieron Gillen (writer) and Dan Mora (illustrator)

This is a rarity for my Horror Drive-In columns: a graphic novel getting Best of the Month. It's a really fun twist on the Arthurian legends with some seriously impressive art from Dan Mora. Volume two is also worth getting, but the first volume is the hook.


Lambs Among Wolves, by Russell James

Russell James has taken two swings with me (Farallon Island was the other) and the other was also a miss.

The rest:

Grave Markings, by Michael Arnzen. Tattoos just aren't that interesting. Grade: D
Parable of the Sower (graphic novel), adapted by Damien Duffy. Way too much text. Felt like a novel. Grade: D
Booth, by Jason Pellegrini. Uniquely-written historical fiction. Grade: B
Holly Hernandez and the Death of Disco, by Richie Narvaez. Anthony Award-winner for best juvenile mystery. Worthy. Grade: B
Murder in Old Bombay, by Nev March. Boring. Grade: D
One Tough Bastard, by Adam Howe. Howe is consistently good. Grade: B
Below, by Kev Harrison. Decent writing, but well-worn trope. Grade: D
The Magicians: New Class (graphic novel), by Lev Grossman. Great concept, great art. Grade: B
Once and Future: Volume 2 (graphic novel), by Kieron Gillen. Like I said, not as good as volume 1. Grade: C
Ride or Die, by James Newman. Fast paced, fun, and dark. Grade: B
Slattery Falls, by Brennan Lafaro. Decent for a debut. Grade: C
Savage Island, by Brian Moreland. Not an earth-shattering idea, but decent writing. Grade: C
Stacking Doll , by Carlton Mellick. Another short, fun read from the never-bad CM3. Grade: B
City, by Clifford Simak. The concept is absolutely brilliant, but found some of the reading tedious. Grade: C
Moon Lake, by Joe Lansdale. Another good one from Joe. Grade: B
Midnight From Beyond the Stars (anthology). Very mixed-quality anthology. Grade: C
Tailchaser's Song, by Tad Williams. Cat-themed fantasy novel. Better than expected. Grade: B

Til next month!

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