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In the depths of the brutal hell that is Hollywood, where most will stop at nothing to become famous, there are many events that are talked about openly, many events that are spoken in hushed whispers, and vicious events that nobody talks about. When a screenwriter comes into possession of a script that they believe nobody has seen, but a few actually have, it begins his steamrolling down a rabbit hole of his sister's murder, abductions, rapes, and members of the Hollywood elite. What the screenwriter doesn't know, is how far it all goes, and what paths he'll have to cross in order to get to the truth, even if it costs him everything.

From the mind that brought you the widely talked about Cows and disturbing noir of Empty Mile, comes a tale that takes you further and further into the realms of the film industry unlike anything you've read before. Keeping with Stokoe's signature noir feel, Colony of Whores brings in some very interesting characters unlike his other novels. While not as grossly horror filled and disturbing as Cows, it still holds its own with moments that will make you shake your head and wonder why you're still reading. At times the descriptions made me squirm a little, which just proves to the writing skill Stokoe holds. In the end though, this novel did have a slow-going feel, and sometimes felt like it was going beyond the believable realm, even though at the same time you could almost believe something like this story has happened before. Unfortunately, and maybe it was just my copy because it was from the initial print run in 2014 and the text has since been re-edited, there were a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. Normally I don't call this stuff out because my eyes in general catch more than most, being a copy-editor, but it got to a point where I noticed it way too much and it bothered my reading enjoyment. Overall, I'd give this one a C+.

Link to buy: Colony of Whores: 9780987453648: Stokoe, Matthew: Books

Written by Kyle Lybeck

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