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An armed group storms a high-profile boarding school. Within are members of the teaching staff, and teenagers who are the children of elite members of the surrounding community. In the group are a member called Teacher, his cohort The Lady, and other members only known by their colored arm bands. Teacher quickly grabs the attention of the authorities, who believe those inside only wish to take hostages for ransom, or their own agenda for attention. What they quickly realize though, is that Teacher is there for another reason, and that's to teach many both inside and out of the school, a lesson they'll never soon forget.

Inside the latest novel from Michaelbrent, is a story at times filled with disturbing horror, and also filled with intense writing that keeps you reading to know exactly what everything is about, and what Teacher wants in the end out of everyone involved. Overall, I'd give this one a B+ and thank Michaelbrent for an advance copy to read and give an honest review. The novel will be available in October 2021.

Written by Kyle Lybeck

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