Like many horror fans, I've had a long history with this franchise. I've been a fan for over 20 years, saw all movies multiple times, even the shitty ones, and recently read most of the novelizations. I just saw Halloween Kills and while some viewers might see this as just another slasher but think this one is a little bit more than that.

This one picks up immediately after the last one left off but in this case the citizens of Haddonfield take the fight to Michael. This results in one of the bloodiest entries in series. Several of the cast members from the original movie make an appearance which was a cool follow up. This movie racks up the highest kill count yet. It felt excessive to me but the pace was relentless and didn't leave any time to feel boring.

There was a lot to like about this movie but there were a few problems. There were actions taken by some of the characters that didn't make sense to me. Although I'm a horror fan I'm not a huge fan of gore and so some of movie was just nauseating. If you don't like gore, this isn't for you. Jamie Lee Curtis has a smaller role in this one but the reason behind it is plausible. If anything, it helped to set this one apart from other Halloween films. If anything, she has more thoughtful insight into Michael Myers. In that sense, she takes Dr Loomis' place since he was originally the one who philosophized in the original. Story wise this one mostly feels like filler. I'm also pretty sure that this one is intended as a mid chapter in a contemporary trilogy.

Like I said, there are a few aspects that make this more than a mindless slasher. There was a fascinating flashback scene that provided more background to the characters. There were some thoughts regarding mob mentality that made the film compelling. There were also some nuance in the movie that make some of the events in the movie turn out less obviously than they could've.

Overall, this one was a good sequel, adding a little to the franchise here and there. To me this is one of the better Halloweens, it beats the hell out of part 6 ( Curse of Michael Myers), part 8 (Resurrection), and the Rob Zombie films. Not the best but still pretty good. B+

Written by Nicholas Montelongo

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