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In his latest release, Michaelbrent Collings comes to us with a collection of stories that took me much longer to get through than I would have anticipated. It's always hard to write a review that's not glowing, especially when it's from an author that I've reviewed a lot of books for over the years, for the Horror Drive-In. For me, the collection seemed a little disjointed and not the usual fare. The stories just didn't capture my interest in the way that his books normally do. When I see Michaelbrent's emails asking me to review his latest work, I'm excited, because almost every time it's a fast read for me and I enjoy it. This time around, they didn't speak to me, didn't keep me wanting to get to that last page to know what happens.

Now I'll say this, the writing isn't bad, it's nothing like that. I think it was just the themes of what the stories were about just weren't for me. Could they be for you? Sure! Are there a ton of positive reviews going around? Yep! So there are definitely many who like this collection, it just unfortunately wasn't what I was looking for having read this previous works. Overall, I'd give this one a C, because like I said, it's not bad writing, it's just that it wasn't really for me. I would like to thank Michaelbrent though for the opportunity to receive and review a copy. I very much look forward to his next longer piece of fiction!


Written by Kyle Lybeck

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