A funny thing happened when I first tried to read Brian Pinkerton's Abducted. I bought the 2004 Leisure paperback and I started it. I took it to work with me to read on my break, and I had it in my locker. I had been having a lot of trouble with the guy who was my supervisor. He was a hardcore radical conservative and while I never argued with him on current events or politics, he did not like me. Like most zealots he was irrational and paranoid. The day came when I could not take it any more, and I walked out. I grabbed some of my stuff, but I left the Pinkerton book.

Now, years later, I have read the entire novel. It's been reprinted in trade paperback and the price is unbeatable.

Abducted was ahead of the domestic suspense craze by quite a few years. Gone Girl was hugely influential, and books with missing person plots were everywhere for a while. It's still going on.

As for Abducted...

A woman decides to quit her job to stay at home to raise her son. Her husband's job is sufficient to support them, and they will save money they've been spending on child care. Their babysitter is heartbroken, and when the parents come home on her last night on the job, they find the sitter and the child gone.

The police find no trace of the babysitter and the child is eventually declared legally dead. Until three years later when the mother is sure she sees her child on a city bus.

Pinkerton's prose is lean and efficient, and the story moves along at a rapid pace. There is the de rigueur plot twist, of course. These stories always have them. I didn't see this one coming. Abducted is a good thriller, superior to many of the over-hyped books from major publishers I sometimes try to read.

Brian Pinkerton is a hard writer to nail down. He's done pure horror, straight suspense, and even science fiction. His books are surprising and always worth your reading time.

As for me and the job I walked away from, I muddled on for a few months, and the company called me back. They were pissed at the guy who was harassing me and put heat on him until he quit. I went back to work and I even got his job. With a substantial pay raise.

I went back to my same locker, but that copy of Abducted was gone. I'm pretty sure the asshole threw it away. Reading, especially reading fiction, is for liberals.

Written by Mark Sieber

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