If anyone follows my posts in particular, you will realize that I have been posting about the publisher Fawcett Gold Medal recently. My interest began when I started exploring works of horror to be found in that publisher's line and while I found some, I fell into the entrancing trap of vintage crime fiction.

Long story short, I have become fascinated enough with Fawcett Gold Medal to write a history about it. I have no idea how long to make because records are scarce but I'm hoping to discuss several key authors and their works as well. This is my first attempt at a non-fiction book and I don't know if it will work but if I treat like a hobby then it doesn't feel like work. I've been making progress too. I plan on sharing whatever might be of interest to you. My head hasn't been much in horror lately but I plan on taking a horror fiction sabbatical soon and rediscover my roots.

On another note, I've been reading Small Felonies 2, a collection of short short stories by Bill Pronzini. It's a follow up of his classic collection of 50 stories, Small Felonies, published back in the 80s. It's a mix of crime fiction, suspense, and horror. If you like a tightly written, entertaining read, then grab both of these volumes now. Pronzini is one of the most solid short story writers alive right now and you would be doing your taste buds a disservice not to give his work a bite. Small Felonies 2 was released just recently by Stark House, which has been responsible for bringing numerous high quality Gold Medal novels back into print, so go their website and have a look. Until later, happy reading.

Written by Nicholas Montelongo

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