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California is seeing an uptick of gruesome events that don't seem to easily have a definable link. Wealthy folks are going on violent rampages before meeting their own demise, leaving strangers and family members in pieces in their wake. A social worker by the name of Carrie and a news reporter by the name of Brian are hurriedly trying to find what could be causing the events, and how they could be stopped. But while more events are happening, children are changing, adults are killing, and nobody can see an end in sight. Could a videotape of one of the slaughtering events hold a key? How many more have to die in order to quell the thirst?

I'll admit, I've only read one or two Bentley Little novels to date (I have one or two more on my shelves). Generally, I'll see them at a local grocery store, they look interesting, and I'll pick them up for my bookshelf to read one day. I have done this with a few popular authors over the years, randomly picking up books at the store just for the sake of an author everyone has talked about, but I haven't really read. Sometimes, it's a home run. Sometimes, it's strike three. Forgive me, I've been watching a lot of baseball lately! This one started like a triple, but drug on like a game into the 14th inning. I feel like, in the era of mass market paperbacks from big publishers back in the early-mid 2000's, it was always pushed to make sure the book was 350/400 pages. I don't know why, and hell maybe I'm wrong, but it definitely feels/seems that way. And with that, stories were pushed into a realm of boring for the sake of making sure the publisher got what they wanted. I felt that way with this book. While an intriguing premise, it started out strong, then just dropped off to okay and continued on and on, until the inevitable end that was just slightly north of mediocre. Overall, I'd give this one a C-. Now if you cut out 75 pages of filler and honed in the tense, thriller aspects of this book more, it could easily have been a B in my book.

Written by Kyle Lybeck

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