Jack is back! To his youth, that is.

I remember the publication of Legacies, after a long hiatus of Repairman Jack novels. There had been some stories featuring Jack and quite a few other excellent books by Wilson. But I was so happy when Jack came back to the page with Legacies.

Now the series has taken a new turn. F. Paul Wilson has gone back to Jack's childhood. Age 14 to be precise. Young Jack finds himself embroiled in a mystery/conspiracy in Jack: Secret Histories and he begins to develop the skills that keep him alive in his later life as a Repairman.

It's the year 1983. Jack is a normal boy. His best friend is a prototype goth girl named Weezy. Wezzy's dorky little brother tags along with them a lot. Living near the periphery of New Jersey's Pine Barrows, Jack and his friends find a lot of things to do in the outskirts of the wilderness of them. One day they make both a curious discovery and a grisly one. They unearth a smooth black box that appears to have been made with modern tool applications. Yet their gut reaction is that it is very old. Then they find a corpse. From there, the kids begin to investigate some mysterious deaths that begin to occur in the small town of Johnson, New Jersey. Deaths that seem to be related to the corpse they found. As well as to an old, secretive lodge in the town.

There is a lot of wistful nostalgia in Jack: Secret Histories. I love the 80's setting and I think Wilson had a lot of fun with it. It's also a lot of fun to see the seeds of Repairman Jack growing in young Jack.

I've never had a bad time with any F. Paul Wilson book and Jack: Secret Histories is far from an exception. I thoroughly enjoyed it and my 12-year-old daughter is reading it with great enthusiasm right this minute. This is a great book that can be enjoyed by all ages. And for those among you that haven't yet had the pleasure of reading about Repairman Jack, you won't find an earlier place in his saga than Jack: Secret Histories.

And speaking of nostalgia, Jack: Secret Histories can be purchased in hardcover for a mere $10.85. That's a wonderful bargain in this day and age of ever-increasing book prices.

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