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Synchronicity. One word that can bring many things together, or cause an unimaginable demise. Author Joanna Chase has fought through a childhood filled with tragedy, to come out ahead in her life. Now living in Santa Fe, she receives messages to help. Help who? Help what? She has no idea, other than she is being drawn back to her childhood in Montana, and to an entity unlike anything the world has ever known.

A cast of characters is drawn in their own way, to Rusting Willows Ranch in Montana, in order to take on a being that can take over electronics, satellites, cars, animals, and even humans, to do their bidding. A lifeform so beyond our comprehension, that it has watched us for thousands of years in hiding; learning, waiting, plotting. With everyone on a crash course towards their own annihilation, or the end of the entire world as we know it, what can they do to stop the inevitable?

In this release from Dean, came a fast paced thriller that kept me wanting to know what was next for the characters weaved throughout. My only complaint is that it was a little much on the back and forth through all the different scenario buildups to keep straight in my head. Overall though I'd give it a B. A nice novel, which had some ideas I would throw back to Demon Seed, for those that have read that novel of his from 1973.

Link to buy: literally anywhere, c'mon folks, it's Dean Koontz.

Written by Kyle Lybeck

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