Take one part Flowers for Algernon, mix in two parts Ratman's Notebooks (which you should know was the inspiration for Willard and Ben), stir in a dab of Of Unknown Origin, add a generous amount of high-technohorror ala Crighton and Preston-Child. Mix it with Olaf Stapleton's Sirius, and lay all it in a base of early James Herbert. Voila! You get Wrath, by Sharon Moalem and Daniel Kraus.

When I saw the cover to Wrath, I mistakenly thought it was a graphic novel, and so I was uninterested. It's not. Wrath is a new prose novel from the always-reliable Daniel Kraus and scientist-author Sharon Moalem. Notice how more novels and collections have covers that look like comic books?

Wrath is a fascinating story of a tech entrepreneur trying to make intelligent designer pets. Rats are the easiest animals to start with. I don't think I have to tell you how bad things go from there.

This is an astonishing novel, lightning-paced, rich in character, and utterly terrifying. I'm no brainiac, but it all comes across as completely credible. There's quite a bit of buildup, which is never boring, but when the rat carnage hits, it hits hard and dirty. It's as grueling as any hardcore novel, but because Wrath is steeped in scientific fact, it's more disturbing than most other horror stories.

I assume Moalem provided the bulk of the technical detail, while Kraus crafted the plot and character elements. Of course I could be dead wrong about that.

Daniel Kraus never fails to surprise his readers. He goes places the others won't or can't. He refused to be stereotyped. I've come to expect the unexpected from his work. Wrath is one of the best things he has ever been associated with.

Readers everywhere are braced for Whalefall, coming from Daniel Kraus in the summer of 2023. I think it's his very best to date, and the story of a young man swallowed alive by a whale is going to freak out a lot of people. Wrath is a good one to read while waiting for it.

Written by Mark Sieber

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