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I'm sending this in a little early this month. I will be in Virginia for AuthorCon II, so I want to get this in before I leave. Even with the shortened month, I've still read 15. Lets get started.

BEST OF THE MONTH: How To Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix

Just when you thought Hendrix couldn't get any better, he drops this one on us. It's like a demented Toy Story 3. Tears included. For you important people with voting power, you'd better not forget this one for award season.

WORST OF THE MONTH: The Remaining by DJ Molles

I'm not one of those people that gets tired of a trope. What's good is good. With that being said, I wonder if I'm just tired of zombies. I don't think so though. This one just seemed bogged down by military jargon and minutiae. I'm sure the writer is well versed in this stuff, but it really bogged down the story.

The rest:

Wonderland by Jennifer Hillier. Not one of her best, but not bad. Grade: C
Taboo in Four Colors by Tim McGregor. Another solid entry from one of the best indie writers. Grade: B
Inkblot Vol 2 by Kuthbert/Gladd (graphic novel). This couldn't be any cuter. Grade: B
The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon. Another masterpiece. Grade: A
Spin a Black Yarn by Josh Malerman. Novella collection; better than Goblin. Grade: B
Burn the Dark by SA Hunt. Ok, but Bad Witch Burning from last month was much better. Grade: C
Moon Dance by SP Somtow. Maybe Forgetting Places is the only Somtow novel that I will love. Grade: D
Eat the Rich by Giley/Bak (graphic novel). Stoker nominated. Not bad. Grade: C
Here in the Dark: Stories by Meagan Lucas (collection). Author of the amazing Songbirds and Stray Dogs strikes again! Grade: B
The Me You Love in the Dark by Young/Corona (graphic novel). Excellent haunted house story with lurid art. Grade: B
Seven Ways to Get Rid of Harry by Jen Conley. Outstanding coming-of-age YA novel. Grade: A
Travellers in Magic by Lisa Goldstein (collection). Fantasy collection, with a few tricks reused. Grade: C
Dark Notes by Pam Godwin. Some eyeroll-inducing sections, but not horrible erotica. Grade: C

See you next month!

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