For this review, I decided to dig to the bottom of the “to-be-read” pile and rescue a book that hadn’t seen the light of day in a long time. Thank God I’ve played Jenga a few times, and was able to keep the precarious pile from crashing down. The fruit of my labor? REVENANT SAVIOR by Dominick Cancilla. Was it worth it? Hell yes it was.

Everyone knows the old adage “Never judge a book by its cover.” Yet it’s easy to be tricked – whether it’s amazing cover art attached to a sub-par story, or poor cover art doing a disservice to a good story. And, with all due respect to cover artist J. K. Potter, the cover on REVENANT SAVIOR is ugly, causing it to languish at the bottom of the pile for far too long. Fair? Absolutely not, but first impressions and all that…..

REVENANT SAVIOR is about the town of Coalchester and the monster that comes to raise havoc every few years. In the past, the visitations occurred like clockwork, and the only way to appease The Reaver was to give one of the townspeople to it. If the demand was not met, The Reaver lashed out at the community, taking countless lives. However, for the past few generations the time between visits has grown to the point that many of the townspeople have forgotten about their scourge…..until now.

As the town tries to come to terms with the latest attack by The Reaver, a pair of strangers comes to town offering help in return for favors. Numerous twists-and-turns and plenty of action keep the reader flipping pages until the finale, which I found to be quite unexpected. An enjoyable read that I recommend to anyone, giving it a score of 8 out of 10.

REVENANT SAVIOR is a short novel coming in at 157 pages. It is available as a $35 signed hardcover from Cemetery Dance.

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