The Collector is nothing more or less than a modern exploitation/grindhouse/drive-in movie. Many 'classic' sleaze movies advertised nonstop depravity and bloodshed, but very few actually delivered. The Collector does so. In spades.

You like torture and lingering scenes of human agony? If so, this is the movie for you. Watching it is practically an endurance test. But why would anyone want to watch such a thing?

That's the age-old question. Is it because we're sick? That's probably part of it. Maybe it's a little like whistling past the graveyard. We're all going to suffer and die eventually and watching intense horror films is a way to laugh in the face of it.

The Collector was made by a couple of guys that wrote some of the Saw sequels and it's pretty obvious that they are hopeful that another lucrative franchise will come of it. By the disappointing box office results of the first weekend of The Collector, it's doubtful that will happen.

Like the Saw movies, The Collector is dark and ugly. Murky, muddy cinematography that often makes it difficult to see what is actually happening. It's all pretty straightforward though. A crooked handyman sneaks back into a house he has been casing and it has become a trap with numerous traps and setups for extremely violence against the family that lives there.

Of course it's completely ludicrous. The worker was at the house that very afternoon and in a few short hours the place has been rigged with complicated apparatuses to kill or maim the unlucky victims. In a way that doesn't bother me. Horror films are like visualized nightmares to me and when do nightmares follow logic?

What hurts the The Collector the most for me is the lack of any real characterizations. The viewer does not get to know the victims or the villains in any way. It's hard to give a shit about people that you don't know or like at all.

Watching The Collector only made me long for the good old days when likable geek camp counselors were picked off one by one in quick, clean ways.

There was one other individual in the theater where I saw The Collector. He got up and left around the halfway point. I felt like leaving before it was over too. Not because I couldn't take the brutality, but because I was bored.

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