Longtime readers of F. Paul Wilson/Repairman Jack might find that purchasing The Last Rakosh to be a bit redundant. All, or perhaps most, of it has seen publication before in a previous novel. I got the trade edition and I read it in one quick sitting this morning. Having read everything available from the extremely talented Mr. Wilson, did I feel ripped off?

No. This is a beautifully made edition and it was fun to go back and revisit the story. Collectors and those that have a love for nice books will appreciate owing it. Casual readers who have read all the RJ books may wish to pass on this one. And for those unfortuantes that don't know Jack, I think this would be nice introduction.

The story begins as Jack and his girl Gia are taking her daughter Vicky to see a circus of unusual phenomena. Jack is reluctant when it appears to be a freak show of some sort, but he relents and stays when Vicky insists upon staying. Fans of the series are well aware of Jack's inability to let her down. She rushes into a tent and emerges in absolute terror. A rakosh, which Vicky had had a previous encounter with, resides in it. Billed as The Sharkman, the weakened creature is indeed the Rakosh that Jack thought he had killed. Jack now must try to finish the job that he apparently botched before. The chase leads to the mysterious and shadowy New Jersey Pine Barrens, where Jack must confront the demonic creature.

Like any Repairman Jack strory, The Last Rakosh is a ripping adventure, with enough grue in it to appease a splatterpunk. I was familiar with the story, but I couldn't remember how it resolved, and I had a great time reading it.

Yes, it's a novella and there aren't a whole lot of words for your buck, but as I said above, The Last Rakosh is for collectors and serious F. Paul Wilson fanatics. Both of which I consider myself to be. I am very happy that I own it.

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