Black Swan This bold, disturbing feature was the art sleeper of the year. Natalie Portman gives the performance of a lifetime. This movie proves that an original concept on a modest budget can make big box office business. There is hope after all.

The Ten Commandments Two disc Special Edition. The very first movie I ever saw in a theater, though I don't believe I could sit through it again.

The Resident A new picture from legendary Hammer Films. This thriller stars Hilary Swank and has movie god Christopher Lee in a supporting role.

Capone Finally on DVD! This Roger Corman-produced biopic of the notorious gangster stars the great Ben Gazzara in the titular role as well asJohn Cassavetes, Sylvester Stallone (as Frank Nitti), Susan Blakely, and Harry Guardino in the cast. From the good folks at Shout! Factory. See it!

Prowl A new picture from After Dark Originals. See our review here.

Inferno All-new Special Edition from Blue Underground. A Dario Argento classic.

Bleeding Lady Independent horror movie that will probably suck, but wins points for its amusing title and tagline: Whatever you do, don't yell cut!

That's about all, except for a bunch of stuff they're re-releasing in an attempt to pawn off on us with a free 'digital copy' in it. But we know better, don't we?

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