There's a new writer here at Horror Drive-In. He's young, talented, enthusiastic, and in love with horror. His name is Vicente Garcia. Vicente goes by the name, brownie, at the Horror Drive-In Forum. He's been doing some movie and soundtrack reviews, and I hope that he'll do review some books, as well as possibly add something to our long-dormant Interview dept. Check out his review section here.

Vicente is like a lot of young people that have an affinity to horror. He has a lot of ideas about getting started in publishing. Unlike a lot of other people, Vicente has actually done something. He launched a genuine print magazine called Terror Tales. The first issue was very well put together and the stories weren't bad. I've seen a lot worse from much more established parties.

This is a hell of an accomplishment for anyone, but it's especially impressive when you consider that it was done by a guy in his teens. I foresee big things for Vicente in days to come. My bet is that he'll be one of the genre's stars of the future.

There haven't been a lot of movie reviews here at HD-I. I've done some, but I've gotten away from the independent horror scene. I'm hoping that Vicente will fill the gap. I'm also hoping that indie filmmakers will contact me about screeners to be reviewed. I promise that Vicente will give his honest thoughts about them.

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