There was a lot of talk about Ruggero Deodato making a sequel to his notorious classic, Cannibal Holocaust. Many had doubts, myself included. Others were skeptical about such a prospect would turn out, but I wasn't. My hopes were high.

Sadly, it never came to pass. Or happily it never came to pass for those that despise the movie.

Next I heard, as you probably did, that Deodato was to make a sequel to his sleaze masterpiece, House on the Edge of the Park. I felt that this was a much more doable production. No brutal outdoor jungle shooting, just some people, a house, and sharp knives. Oh, and a couple of gentlemen named David Hess and Giovanni Lombardo Radice (aka: John Morghen). There's no way a sequel could work without them. Despite what occurs to the characters at the end of the first movie.

Folks, if you think Hess was sadistic in Last House on the Left, you ain't seen nothin'. House on the Edge of the Park beats it in every imaginable way.

A poster for the House on the Edge of the Park sequel has been unleashed. This doesn't necessarily mean that the film will be produced and distributed, but it's a damned good sign.

Ruggero Deodato is is unsung master of Italian Horror. Argento did it more artistically, and Bava was more influential, but nobody did it with quite the gusto of Deodato. His films are surely not for everyone, but I look forward to this sequel with great anticipation. It's been too long, Mr. D! Bring on the carnage!

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