Few of us have drive-in theaters close enough to patronize. I don't, and it's a constant heartbreak. I spent many of the best nights of my early life at drive-ins. I think most people who've spent any time at them feel the same way.

We have our memories, but they fade. I think that most of us would like a way to revisit the wonderful, innocent days of the drive-in, but in a fresh way. And I think most of us would like a way to share our love, our drive-in theater heritage with younger people. Our children, and even our children's children.

A woman named April Wright has many memories of the drive-in and she wants to make a documentary about the phenomenon. Going Attractions is the name of it, and she has been working on it for several years. April has traveled the country, visiting as many operating drive-ins as she can. She also visited some of the closed ones.

You probably know where I'm going with this. April needs help with funding to finish Going Attractions. She has a Kickstarter campaign underway and I'm hoping that some of you will want to be a part of it.

The question some will undoubtedly ask is, Why should I help finance a DVD? I don't have to pay in advance for my groceries or my tires, do I?

Why indeed.

I'll tell you why. I contribute to projects like this because if I and others don't, chances are very good that they will not be completed. Corporations make most of the movies that are made these days. Corporations don't care much about drive-in theaters. It costs a lot of money to complete and release a DVD and many independent filmmakers cannot do it. At least not alone.

There are different levels of membership. I paid up the fifty smackers to have my name in the credits and to get a copy of the DVD. Maybe that's a tad expensive, but this will definitely be a special project that, if it's completed, I will watch again and again.

With Kickstarter, if the specified goal isn't made in the allotted time period, you don't pay a thing. Sadly, it's starting to look like it won't be reached.

There's still time though and, again, I really hope that some of you consider signing up.

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