Randy Chandler earned a lot of fans with his pair of horror novels, Hellz Bellz and Bad Juju. These were published by the badly-missed Hellbound Books. Both of these novels are well-written, suspenseful, and gloriously horrifying.

Other than some odd pieces here and there, Randy Chandler hasn't been publishing a lot for the last few years. All that changes in February, thanks to Comet Press. Comet does nice affordable books. Trade paperbacks that fall into the horror and suspense categories.

Chandler's next novel, Daemon of the Dark Wood, shares the same basic plot of Brian Keene's The Rutting Season/Dark Hollow, but the approach the two writers use are vastly different.

Daemon of the Dark Wood starts off with the comfortable feel of an 80's horror novel. You have the rural setting, well-drawn characters, and an ancient evil coming forth. It starts off at a leisurely pace, and gradually builds to a frenzy. Chandler offers up wild situations and images that bring to mind Bentley Little. Or maybe even Edward Lee.

The two novels that I mentioned above by Randy Chandler are hotly sought after collector's items. For good reason. His work is well above the average stuff coming out from the small press. Trust me on this: You don't want to miss out on Daemon of the Dark Wood. Don't be that person caught at a book convention or conference calling your friends and asking them what the book is about. Buy one soon or be very sorry.

Preorder Daemon of the Dark Wood now at Barnes and Noble for the very reasonable price of $10.08.

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