I've always liked audio fiction and an outfit called The Grist Mill is doing something a little bit different. Rather than have the author read their story, a dramatization of it is recorded. Rather like an oldtime radio show.

I bought a copy of The Grist Mill's adaptation of Joe Lansdale's Lord of the Razor. This particular story is a favorite of mine and I was naturally curious as to how they's handle the material. I really hoped that it would compliment the source.

My misgivings were for nothing. This presentation is professionally recorded and all the actors use their voices to nice effect. The sound technicians do their own jobs well too. Lord of the Razor is a suspenseful, grisly tale and the cast and crew hit all the right notes. An excellent job all around.

Two episodes are on the CD that I bought. The Lansdale story and also a good one by Mort Castle. Lansdale is justly famous and has a lot of readers, but Mort Castle is a hell of a writer too and it's gratifying to see him in this package. His story, If You Take My Hand, My Son, is more reflective and sad than truly frightening, but it's an excellent one. And The Grist Mill did a top-notch production on it as well.

I hope that those that like to listen to fiction will give The Grist Mill a try. And if the narrator seems to try to channel Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone, well, it''s good to emulate the best.

If you're interested and want to know more, check out the site.

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