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Lewis has had a terrible secret his entire life. He is protected by a monstrous creature, but has no clue where it came from and why it chose him. Lewis first encounters the creature when his house catches on fire. Although his parents are killed, the creature saves Lewis from certain death.

Lewis keeps to himself as he gets older, not wanting anybody to know about the creature. But one day, as a tragedy unfolds in front of Lewis, he asks the creature to save the children about to die. Unfortunately, the creature is seen by townspeople, who become convinced Lewis controls a demon. They decide they need to take care of Lewis before Lewis uses the demon to hurt them. But Lewis has no control over the demon, and even if he did, he wouldn’t use that power to kill anybody. There is no way Lewis can explain his protector, however, and he hopes he will just be left alone.

It all comes to a head one night when Lewis awakes to find the creature gone. And he knows where to find it…

Paul Melniczek, who has written quite a few stories taking place on Halloween - his favorite holiday - has written a non-Halloween story that is just as compelling as his others. He has created a very sympathetic character in Lewis, a man whose destiny is not in his own hands. He knows he will be lonely all his life, although there is a woman who cares for him. He can’t let her get close. And although the townspeople, especially the men, want to make sure Lewis and the creature won’t hurt them, you can’t blame them for being afraid.

The Unseen is a creepy, but somewhat depressing book. You can’t help but feel sorry for Lewis, and wish things would get better for him. He didn’t ask for this “protector,” and doesn’t know how or why it picked him. He can only live his life the best way he can, and hope that the monster will leave him someday.

If you’ve read Paul Melniczek’s work before, you know you’re in for a great read in The Unseen. And if you haven’t read him yet - and why not? - this is a great book to get to know his writing.

Review by Sheri White

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