One of the best things about attending any convention is the friends you make. Every time I go to one, I am reunited with some wonderful friends, and I also make new ones.

At The Horrorfind Weekend last year, I made the acquaintance of a smart, funny, lovely woman by the name of Sheri White. We ended up at the same tables in the bar and in addition to her other attributes, I was impressed by her ability to hold her booze. This is an important quality to have while at any respectable convention.

Sheri is also a talented writer and, of course, a fan of the horror genre. At some point in the convention I asked her if she would like to become a reviewer for Horror Drive-In. She immediately said yes.

But you have to understand: People make all sorts of promises while they are grappling with the grape at cons. Most often nothing comes of them. I hoped that Sheri would want to be a reviewer here. Nothing happened for several months, until recently when she contacted me and asked if the offer was still on.

It's not like the rest of us here at HD-I are knocking reviews out. I hold no blame for anyone for it. The pay here isn't bad---it's nonexistent. People have lives and commitments. I can't talk either. I haven't been doing much in the way of reviews. I hope to pick it back up soon. 2012 hasn't exactly been the best year of my life, as I talked about earlier here.

For now, please welcome Sheri, and read her review of the newest book by the always-enjoyable Paul-Melniczek, The Unseen.

I want to publicly thank Sheri and welcome her to the Horror Drive-In family. I hope that she will be here, sharing her knowledge and insights into the genre for a long, long time.

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