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Rob McKenna, a former Marine who is back in the States after a dangerous mission in Pakistan, is afraid heís going insane. Severely injured during the mission, McKenna came home with the Purple Heart, Silver Star, and a metal plate in his head.

Now retired, he lives in California with his wife, hoping to put his life back together. He spends his days in the backyard, suspiciously watching the rusting chickens his wife made in her metal shop in the garage. Heís convinced theyíre moving around the yard. He knows if he tells his wife the chickens are moving, sheíll realize he hasnít fully recovered from his mission.

But after he sees the metal cat stalking the chickens, he knows he must find out if Kelly notices as well. Thatís when she realizes he hasnít completely regained the mental health he lost in Pakistan.

Rusting Chickens is not a typical horror story - there are no monsters or vampires, no zombies. Just a man who sacrificed his body and mind for his country, and in return, became a fragile ghost of himself. And although that is horror enough in itself, Robís personal horror has just begun.

This is an excellent story, creepy at times, but overall a very real story of the physical and mental trauma our troops in the Middle East can suffer.

Review by Sheri White

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