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The Hungry, by Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon

The nightmare starts when Sheriff Penny Miller is contacted by her deputy, Bob Wells, that people are attacking each other, biting their flesh. Although Deputy Wells is convinced the townís population is turning into zombies, Penny isnít until he practically leads them to the jail. Knowing that one of her duties is to keep her prisoners safe, she lets them, Needles and Scratch, out of their cells to get them to safety. But all hell breaks loose before they can evacuate, and from then on, the chaos never stops.

Clad in her old wedding dress - and you must read to find out why - Penny not only has to battle zombies, but also has to deal with the incompetent military, her cowardly ex-husband, the evil scientist who set off the apocalypse and a biker she isnít sure she can trust.

Once Penny is infected, itís a race against time to get her treated before she turns. In the meantime, Penny becomes a badass zombie fighter no human would want to go up against. But when it comes to the treatment injection, Penny has a choice to make since its effects are unknown.

In a time when zombie books are all the rage, The Hungry stands out as something special. The action never stops, and at times the book is laugh-out-loud funny. Itís a fun book to read, and you donít want it to end, which is fine, becauseÖ.

The Hungry 2 - The Wrath of God, by Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon

Did Penny accept the treatment? Do they now have a chance in the war against zombies? What happens next?

These questions are answered in the sequel, but of course, new challenges appear. Now the Army wants Penny and her friends to return to the secret location where the virus was made. Escorted by a group of mercenaries led by a woman called ďRat,Ē Penny and her group find there are more zombies to kill, more people to mistrust and more blood and guts by a mile, not to mention a nuclear weapon set to take out the desert around them.

When they meet Abraham, things start looking up for a while - until they realize he is batshit crazy and have gotten themselves into a dangerous situation once again. Religious zealots arenít fun to deal with in the best of times, let alone a zombie apocalypse.

As in the first book, there is a ton of action in The Hungry 2. Itís also funny, suspenseful, and gory. Donít get attached to anybody; like a real zombie apocalypse, nobody is safe.

Sheriff Penny Miller is one of the best characters to come along in quite a while. Itís great to read a book in which a woman is completely capable of taking care of herself as well as others. Sure, she has help from others, but for the most part, Penny is a badass to admire. You definitely donít want to get on her bad side.

Iím really hoping there is another book coming in this series, because I hated turning the last page of Book 2. The ending leaves you hanging, wondering what is going to become of Penny and of the world. Will the zombie virus ever be brought under control? Will Penny ever be cured?

I must know!

Review by Sheri White

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