Finally a trend that I can get behind. In an age of increasing dependence upon gadgetry for reading purposes, ultra-deluxe editions of often unworthy content, and heated controversies in publisher's marketing decisions, I'm really glad to see a rise in trade hardcovers in the small press arena.

Cemetery Dance Publications just announced an upcoming book by genre legend, Jack Ketchum, and Lucky McGee. It's called I'm Not Sam, and as far as I am concerned they have all the bases covered. There is to be a high end, traycased Lettered Edition, a signed and deluxe Limited Edition, and a trade hardcover. At the moment the hardcover is available for preorder at the bargain price of $17.99.

CD has also announced some other trade hardcover editions: Two titles in the long-running (and uniformly brilliant) Nameless Detective series from Bill Pronzini; The Circle, by Bentley Little; and The Buffalo Hunter, by Peter Straub.

Other trade editions from Cemetery Dance include such worthy titles as Screamplays, edited by Richard Chizmar and Martin Greenberg; The Dropper, by Ron McLarty; and Cemetery Dance: A Fifteen Year Celebration, edited by Richard Chizmar.

The great Subterranean Press has also been providing its customers with trade editions of their books. I couldn't be more ecstatic to see the new books by Robert McCammon coming out in the format. A new collection of Bentley Little short fiction called Indignities of the Flesh was just released in trade form. An ass-kicking Hap and Leonard novella from Joe R. Lansdale called Hyenas came out as a reasonably-priced trade hardcover a while back. Subterranean also has published books by Caitlin Kiernan,

Others are also doing unsigned trade hardcovers. PS Publishing comes most immediately to mind.

Some of us do not wish to read on a plastic device. Some like the feel of a sturdy hardcover in our hands as we enjoy our favorite writers. Paperbacks are cool, but my heart belongs to the hardcover. And if some of these are not clothbound editions, so be it.

Publishers like Cemetery Dance and Subterranean Press understand that needs of readers like us. They give is the option of the book that we prefer. From modest trade hardbacks to ultra deluxe editions. I applaud them for it.

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