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Matt Poe is the new kid in school who just wants to blend in and make friends like any other teenager. And like most teenage boys, Matt has a crush on his gorgeous English teacher, Ms. Hayden, and fantasizes about her during class when he should be working. Mattís life is turned upside down when Ms. Hayden tells him to stay after class to talk to him about his grades. What starts out as simple tutoring soon turns into a nightmare for Matt, as well as his new friends Grace and Rusty.

At first it seems as if Mattís fantasies have come true; Ms. Hayden seduces Matt, and keeps him in a frenzy of lust and secrecy. But after a while, Matt realizes his teacher is actually obsessed with him and breaks off the illicit relationship. Ms. Hayden doesnít deal with it well, and blackmails Matt with a picture she took of them in bed together.

Once Matt and Grace start seeing each other, things start to go downhill in Mattís life. Ms. Hayden makes Mattís life a living hell, accusing him of rape, leaving him scared and angry. He finally turns to Grace, who shares her own secret about Ms. Hayden with him. Together, they decide to find the blackmail picture so Matt will be cleared.

But theyíre not the only ones looking to get back at Ms. Hayden.

Donít Stand So Close is definitely not a ďMrs. RobinsonĒ type of story. The older woman in this novel is wicked, cunning and out to destroy Mattís life. Once Matt is over his infatuation, he sees Ms. Hayden as she really is and desperately tries to disentangle himself from her web of evil. But the more Matt tries, the more he is stuck with no way out.

Eric Red has crafted an excellent tale of suspense. The tension throughout the story is palpable. I enjoyed Donít Stand So Close very much; it was difficult to put down, and the ending was great and unexpected. Iím looking forward to reading more of Ericís work in the future.

Review by Sheri White

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