The Kickstarter drive to make the money to produce a movie based on Edward Lee's notorious hardcore novel, The Bighead, is in its final few days. YOU are needed to help make it happen. Support has been good so far, but the goal hasn't been reached yet. An anonymous backer has agreed to match every donation made in these next few days, so please help!

I'm not a big fan of over-the-top horror these days. My tastes run to writers like Ed Gorman and Bill Pronzini, as well as fun action/pulp stuff by writers like Preston and Child, and F. Paul Wilson. However, Edward Lee is in a league of his own and no one piles on the grotesquerie like he does.

What separates Lee from his imitators is his writing chops, for one thing. The man can lay down a tight plot and the gallons of blood and other body fluids that flow in his work usually serve that plot. Usually. I get the idea that Lee likes to mess with his readers. To see if he can make even his most diehard fans flinch. He sure has done so with me. I'm still wincing over Ever Nat.

Unbelievably, some lunatic made a movie from Lee's Header. Somehow it got made and released, thanks to the good folks at Synapse Films. Even more astonishing, they pulled it off. The Header movie is wickedly true to its source novel.

The Bighead is something else altogether. When it was first published, The Bighead was billed as "The Grossed Book You've Ever Read", and it certainly lives up to that proclamation.

The Bighead will be a tougher job to pull off than Header, but I've talked to director Michael Ling, and in my opinion, if anyone can bring this one home, he can. He's sharp, passionate, and he respects the material.

The home stretch is here, my friends. This project needs to be made. If for nothing else than to outrage and offend those who feel that horror should have borders. I said above that I'm not so crazy about hardcore horror anymore, but that does not mean that I do not like and respect a well-done work that pushes the boundaries. And Edward Lee almost always does just that.

You can sign on for as little as five dollars. Five Bucks. Hell, we regularly give that much or more to half-assed wait staff. Or maybe skip that twelve-pack this week and make a donation.

No established backers are going to get behind a project such as this. It's up to us, the real horror fans. Having just seen The Apparition this past weekend, I can safely attest that the genre needs to be tased by projects like The Bighead. So please, please, consider giving what you can.

Oh, I almost neglected to mention that the pivotal character of Jerrica has been cast. The beautiful Bree Olson will play the part. Some of my less esteemed horror website scribes might refer to her as being "fuckalicious". I'll just say that she is pretty fucking hot.

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