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Anna Grish is a hoarder surrounded by clutter, trash and filth. But she doesnít mind. Itís safe and secure. But when she becomes trapped until a pile of fallen debris, her son Pete finally realizes how bad the situation has gotten. Anna had not allowed her family to come in her house, so none of them had any idea of the danger Anna had created.

After she gets out of the hospital, Anna reluctantly moves in with her sonís family. Katherine, Peteís wife, is also not happy about the situation, but deals with it for her husbandís sake.

Once Anna recovers, she decides she wants to move back into her house, even though itís practically condemned. Pete protests, so Anna sneaks over to her house when her son isnít home. But thereís something living in the hoard now - something that wants Anna, wants to control her and become part of her.

Anna eventually disappears into the hoard, overtaken by the organisms growing in the hoard and now inside of Anna. And the hoard isnít satisfied with just Anna.

Iíve been fascinated with hoarders since the reality show debuted on A&E a couple years ago. Of course, nothing but bugs live in those hoards; the organisms living in Alan Rykerís hoard are menacing and evil. They want your soul. The story reminds me a little bit of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I loved The Hoard. Itís creepy, yet fascinating. The ending is such that there could be a sequel - and I hope there is. Definitely pick up The Hoard - not only will it creep you out, it will inspire you to get to that cleaning youíve been putting off.

Review by Sheri White

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