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David Miller is on his own since his wife and kids took shelter at her parents’ house after the Mississippi River floods. He decides to see who in the county he can help, and finds himself in the town of Clayton as he steers his boat through the high waters.

He tries to offer help, but it is made clear he is not welcome in the town. Determined to find someone who needs him, he meets Maggie in a store and helps her get her purchased goods back to her home. While they steer their boats to their destination, David and Maggie are attacked by a curious human-like creature that emerges from the water.

David is shaken, but gets even more information than he bargained for when they reach Maggie’s home. Her boyfriend Roger explains about the “hybrids” they constantly fight, who live in the water around the town, serving their god Mauz-Gurloth. Many women of the town allow themselves to be impregnated by this god, passing its eggs from their bodies that hatch new hybrids.

David finds himself in the middle of a battle that he hopes he’ll live through, wanting to see his wife and kids and to repair his marriage. But there are so many hybrids that the task of defeating them and their god seems insurmountable.

From Murky Depths is a good original story that had me turning the pages to see what would happen next. It’s a story of good and evil, of trying to keep your faith in the face of dark forces. There is a good balance of religion and horror; even a heathen such as myself will enjoy reading it.

If you like creature horror, you’ll want to get From Murky Depths. It’s a short read, but a lot of fun.

Review by Sheri White

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