My faith in humanity has faltered over the years. Most individuals are not bad, but when they become part of a corporation, decency seems to go out the window.

I was doing some rush grocery shopping on Friday morning. I have been going to Trader Joe's, because I love the quality of the products and the service there. My money was tight, so I went to everyone's favorite boogeyman retailer, Wal Mart. It was before work and I ended up running late. I had my cart filled, and I came to the front and only one lane was open. A long line was waiting in front of it.

I let out an "OH MAN!", and was about to leave the cart and go. A woman employee asked if everything was all right. I replied that I had to get to work. "C'MON!", she yelled.

She whisked me to the jewelry counter and said, "This man has to get to WORK! Help me!".

Another employee ran up and two of them were bagging while the other rang the stuff up. I literally could not get my items to the counter fast enough.

That was shocking. You don't see that kind of service often.

That evening I went to Jiffy Lube. I was traveling the next morning and the service was due. I asked the attendant to give me the synthetic blend deal. "Mr. Sieber, you have always gone with full synthetic", he said as he looked at my account on his screen. I replied that I was trying to save a buck. "You've been doing so well. I hate to see you change now". His voice lowered so others waiting did not hear. "I can apply these discount codes and give you the synthetic oil at the same price as the blend", he conspiratorially whispered. Astonished, I thanked him and he said that he just wanted me to continue to come there.

And now, due to an act of supreme stupidity on my part, I accidentally paid my car payment twice in one day. Double came out and then there was not enough funds in my account to cover my mortgage payment, which was due to come out this Friday.

Frantic, I called Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. The lady was ridiculously nice and asked how I would like it if they were to skip two payments and have them start back up on Dec. 27th. I pay twice-monthly. Again, I was astonished at this act of decency and, yes, humanity. The lady told me that she hoped this would help me have a merry Christmas.

I guess it all isn't so bad after all. I'm sure my patience and faith in our species will be challenged again, and soon, but for now I feel a little proud of being a human being.

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