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They fall from the sky, smaller than the dust you see floating in your house. They land on your skin, and begin to mutate within days. Once they begin to talk to you, they have begun their final stage, and you are truly, Infected.

Perry Dawsey is a former football player who's in the wrong place at the wrong time. He finds himself in the path of these minuscule beings, and becomes an unfortunate consequence of their existence. He can't stand the voices, he mutilates his body to extract the triangular growths that they become, and fears for what they may make him do to his best friend Bill.

Margaret Montoya is a doctor with the CDC, tasked with finding out what is becoming of innocent citizens belonging to the great U.S.A. She is given full authority to find out what makes them tick, but the problem is, can she ever find an infected victim that is alive and not disintegrating in front of her?

Dew Phillips is a man that doesn't exist. He works off a Black Budget, owns a direct line to the president, has killed when is necessary, and won't stop until these beings are stopped. After witnessing firsthand the brutality they can bring upon their victims when his partner is viciously murdered by one of the infected, he wants nothing more than to end them.

Scott Sigler pulls no punches with his first major release, published back in 2008. Since, he has released both follow up books in the trilogy, Contagious, and most recently, Pandemic. Infected was a novel that showed me you can write fast paced, no holds barred material, and still keep the reader engaged and going from start to finish, without wearing them out. Infected comes with brutality against oneself and others. It takes you on a mind-trip inside of Perry, and what it would be like to have these things inside of you. It holds horrors of the medical/scientific kind that only Scott could imagine.

This novel remains one of my favorite reads of all time, and the trilogy one of my favorites out there in print. Scott knows how to put words on the page and keep those pages turning at such a fast pace, you don't want to sleep until you're done. It's not just this series either, all of his novels contain this level of writing. For horror/thriller fans out there, I plead to you, read this novel at least once in your life, and give it the great chance it deserves to have your eyes visit its world. An A+ in my book, and one to read time and time again.

Review by Kyle Lybeck

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