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How do you kill a man when he's already dead?

Detective Evan White is found searching a bar for answers. Answers he hopes may come his way if he spends enough time there. What he finds though, is a killer, one who wishes to take everything from him. He pushes a little too hard, and Evan pushes back, with three shots to the chest. When he and his partner, Angela rush outside to find the man they hope to arrest (or bag and tag), he is nowhere to be found.

This is what starts a crazy scenario for Evan, a whodunit with as many turns as you could hope for from storyteller Michaelbrent Collings. How did Evan find himself sloughing around this seedy bar with his partner? How could a man take three to the chest, and just disappear from plain sight? What in the world is possessing Evan to try so hard to find his wife's killer, when he doesn't even have a clue who could have possibly done it?

Once again, Michaelbrent brings a page turner to his reading audience. While at times in the middle of the story it slows down a bit compared to some of his other novels (Strangers; Darkbound), he makes up for it with a wonderful prose that keeps you going, wanting to find out what happens to Evan next. With an ending that, again, will keep you guessing until the last chapter, I would definitely recommend this book to others.

I read this newest novel from Michaelbrent in half a day, his novels are just that good and keep you wanting more. Overall, I'd give this tale a B+, mainly because I was spoiled with the fast paced nature of his other novels I'd read. Do yourself the favor of picking this one up!

Review by Kyle Lybeck

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