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Lyn Lowry is having a crappy day. Most of the customers sheís been waiting on at Your Mountain Home Kitchen have either been assholes or stiffed her on tips. Just when she didnít think it could get any worse, someone opens fire on the little diner, killing some customers and trapping everyone else in the building. The diner is situated on the outskirts of town, surrounded by woods. They are completed isolated and at the mercy of whoever is shooting at them.

Joanie Myer has made a home for herself in the mountains of Idaho, after returning from combat in Iraq. All she wants is to be left alone and heal from the horrors she saw and experienced. Unfortunately, Adam Bischoff wants her land and will stop at nothing to get it. He is constantly at her, trying to get her to sell the land, until she finally snaps.

Lyn is cashing out a grumpy customer when his head suddenly explodes in front of her. She realizes the diner is under siege, and she and her coworkers and the other customers take refuge where they can. It isnít long before Lyn realizes itís Joanie shooting at them. Because nobody else will, Lyn takes charge of the situation, determined to get out alive.

There is a supernatural twist in Mountain Home, which I was worried would interfere in my enjoyment, but it wasnít ďin-your-faceĒ and provided another layer to an already-complex story.

Joanie Myer reminded me quite a bit of John Rambo, especially in the First Blood movie Ė both are war veterans who are treated terribly by the very people whose lives and livelihood they were protecting. But whereas Rambo had Colonel Trautman, Joanie doesnít really have anybody. She has nothing to win, but also nothing to lose.

I had read several short stories by the author, and thought they were great. However, Mountain Home truly shows Brackenís talent and emotional depth. The ending was gut-wrenching, but perfect. I canít wait to read more of his work.

Review by Sheri White

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