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What does it take to push a man over the edge?

Andrew Holland is a horror author. He likes living in his small town, and they seem to be more or less okay with his chosen lifestyle. He is a father, but has battled through a cheating ex-wife along the way. When Andrew asks his ex to take their daughter for an extra weekend so he can finish up his latest novel, she reluctantly obliges.

To get ready for his writing binge, Andrew takes his dog Norman for a little jaunt around the neighborhood. Norman smells something he's not accustomed to on their walks though, the scent of a young dead girl. Andrew reports his findings to the local authorities, but from here on out, his life comes screaming down in broken shambles.

What happened to Andrew in his past that compels his neighbors and community to instantly condemn him for the murder of this young girl? At what point will Andrew say enough is enough? How far will his neighbors go, to find the truth about one of their own?

This was the first novel I have read from James Newman, and I was instantly hooked and impressed by his writing. The style in which he writes kept me reading late into the night over the two days I took to read it. The depth of characters he provides is great for the length of this novel, and it draws you in to seeing what types of monsters not only lurk in Andrew's neighborhood, but which could lurk in any of ours.

Overall I'm giving this novel an A, and I will definitely be searching out more novels from James in the future. When this novel gets the wide release treatment in the spring via paperback and eBook formats, I encourage you to take the plunge and indulge your reading senses.

Review by Kyle Lybeck

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