The term, Legend, gets tossed around too much these days. Few truly deserve the designation. One who emphatically does deserve it is Thomas F. Monteleone. Tom, as he is known to his friends, has done just about everything imaginable in the field of writing: Novelist, short story writer, scenarist, nonfiction, editor, instructor, publisher.

It has been too long since Tom has published an all-new novel, but he is back in full, fine, form with Submerged.

The story of Submerged deals with the adventures of two men, whose destinies are bound together over the spanse of decades.

Erich Heinz Bruckner is a German U-Boat commander during World War 2. He and his crew are on a mysterious and terrifying mission. Readers also meet Dex Bucklin who finds the remains of the U-Boat in the present while diving in the Chesapeake Bay. Bucklin quickly learns that he has uncovered the answers to a buried enigma and is soon in flight to not only protect his life, but to discover the secret behind the disastrous mission of U-Boat 5001.

Submerged begins like a Ludlum novel, but gradually segues into something out of Poe, or even H. Rider Haggard.

I liked Submerged a lot, and the door is wide open for the story to go to even greater heights of mystery and imagination in further books.

I highly recommend Submerged to both Monteleone fans and newcomers to his excellent fiction.

Submerged is forthcoming from Cemetery Dance Publications in a signed, limited edition, with a stunning cover illustration by Caniglia.

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