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Sam is a janitor at a top-secret lab. His life is lonely, with nobody to comfort him in his daily happenings. In a stroke of what he believes to be genius, he sneaks out a mouse from the lab, and brings him home. What Sam doesn't know is that his new friend isn't what he appears to be, and before he knows it the mouse starts growing and changing. Changing into what is the question. The mouse grows larger and starts to feed. Human flesh is his diet, and his diet is plentiful. What can stop this creature born from a cute little mouse? How many lives will it take to satiate it's hunger? Four survivors hope to not become it's next victims, but only time will tell.

In this newest novel from Adam Cesare, we find a variety of characters in a lab born creature feature. At times the description and activities found within fall victim to keeping the interesting plot line going. The characters work well with the story and for the most part are believable to the story itself in actions and dialogue. Overall though, this was a fun novel with a disturbing mouse born creature that will make you wish lab animals never escape a testing facility anywhere near you any time soon. I'd give Adam's newest novel a B rating, and I'd like to thank him for the chance to read this ARC.

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Review by Kyle Lybeck

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