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The Douglas family is about to welcome a new addition to their family, in that of a sweet little girl named Ruthie. Their son, Mal, is very excited to be an older brother to her. Even though she is born with a troubling birth defect, they know she will be in good hands. The only trouble is, upon coming back home things start to change. The house itself starts to fight back against the family. There are changes to members of the family that bring to light events of the past, troubling and disturbing events. What seemed like a welcoming place to come back to has become Hell on earth for the family, and with nowhere else to go could place the entire Douglas clan at risk. Nobody is safe, and hiding only makes it worse.

Michaelbrent Collings calls upon the past and present in another roller coaster ride of a novel. The elements he brings forth pack a punch and envelop you into the story. The characters battle demons of both physical and mental properties throughout the novel, giving it a mind-bending twist throughout. Well written dialogue and plots make this a wonderful, quick read even at over 300 pages (it's the first book in a long time I've finished in less than two days that wasn't under 200 pages). Overall I'd highly recommend this novel and others of Michaelbrents to others, as per usual, and give this an A- rating.

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Review by Kyle Lybeck

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