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In Rhode Island there is a man, he goes by the name of The Sculptor. This is not his real name, but it is his true calling. Obsessed with the historical works of Michelangelo, he puts forth extreme effort to recreate exact replicas, not with clay or stone, but those of the deceased. His latest creation has drawn the attention of not only the FBI in the form of Special Agent Sam Markham, but also a one art historian by the name of Cathy Hildebrant whom he calls out in a very specific way. With constant fear growing that the man could strike again very soon with more works of his "art", the clock ticks to find him, and his victims before they come to a horrific end. Can these two work together in order to stop him, or will the artist prevail in a vanishing act of grand proportions?

In this first novel by Gregory Funaro, a fast paced thriller comes at you with bravado and charm, as if he'd been publishing for many years. The effort is not without its minor downfalls contained within bits of lackluster dialogue between the two main characters, and an ending that wraps up a little too nice and neat after the rest of what you've read. That aside, the idea is fresh for the concept of the novel, and I feel as if he did a great job with the research that brings the reader into the light regarding Michelangelo's works. I'd give this an overall B- rating, and say that you will probably have a good time reading it, but it's not anything mind-blowing.

Unfortunately paperbacks of this novel can't be found brand new at the usual outlets, but can be found used or on eBook.

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Review by Kyle Lybeck

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