This has been a long time coming, and after the murderous week I've had, I have decided to take a desperately-needed break from the message board scene. How long a break? I have no idea. A day? A month? Forever? I cannot answer.

Folks, before you explain to me that I have to continue to moderate a message board, consider this: I have been doing this stuff in one form or another since 1998. That's a long damned time. And time is a commodity that I have little of these days.

I have spent much more time talking about horror fiction than actually reading it. And, worst of all, I have neglected the other areas of this website.

I work a lot of hours. I am committed to a strict workout routine at the gym. I would like to acquire a social life.

I have decided to let Ron Clinton help with moderation duties. Ron is as fair a guy as I have ever known, and he organized the fundraiser to keep the site alive.

I expect you not to respect Ron as much as me, but to respect him more than you would me. His word is law. I have 100% confidence that he will be a splendid job.

I am looking forward to a break. To clear my head and to have some freedom. I have gotten enjoyment and made amazing friends with message boards, but they have also been a like a set of chains on me.

You guys be cool, and take care. Be nice to each other.


Demented Forever

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