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Within a small roadside diner in Idaho, Lyn is just trying to get by. She knows that this isn't the best job in the world, being a waitress, but what else can she do? She can't move away, can't get anything better, so this is where she stays put. The patrons that pass through aren't always as friendly or welcoming as she'd hope. Today was no exception, with a couple and their dog that are the rudest she's ever had. While she puts on the charm, she hopes they will leave her a nice tip, what with showing off her assets and all to the husband. What she gets though is nothing more than a smack in the face. But as she watches the couple leave, that's when the first shot rings out.

A war veteran who was brutally attacked now calls the area home, just across the street from the diner. Her name is Joanie, and all she wants is a little peace and quiet. She bought the property in the hopes that this could be her salvation, away from the war zone, and away from anyone else that breaths. What she got was a land developer that only wanted her home that she outbid him on, and instead he stuck it to her by developing the diner across the street and ruining her view. Joanie on the other hand is none too happy with this result, and the mans attempts to try and get her to sell.

Pinned down in the diner are an eclectic group, trapped and afraid to make any sort of move for fear of being blown away by the shooter. What can they do? Who has decided to take their aggression out on them? By the time they find out, could it be too late to escape before something worse befalls them? In this fast paced thriller, Bracken writes to the heart of America through the eyes of a war torn soldier suffering from PTSD. What he accomplishes is a great story with a healthy amount of twists and turns within the diner itself, let alone what the shooter has gone through. While this is a very good story, it is pretty one dimensional with the scenery, but still keeps it interesting and tells enough back story about all the situations leading up to the horrific event at the Your Mountain Home Kitchen.

Overall I'd give this a B+ rating and recommend it to those who enjoy their thriller mixed with some horror elements, while also being engulfed in characters you can relate to and imagine yourself pinned down next to in a bullet ridden diner on the outskirts in Idaho. Also it is a steal at just 99 cents for your eReaders, at least for now.

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Review by Kyle Lybeck

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